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Mainstream - The Pacific Blu-ray

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The Pacific Blu-ray
10 Episodes 6 Blu-ray discs
Originally aired HBO
HBO Warner Home Video 2010

The Pacific is very different from Band of Brothers. This HBO miniseries focuses on the war against the Japanese in the Pacific. Instead of following a battalion from training to the end of the war The Pacific follows three marines at various times and various places in the war, making for a different tone and approach. The Pacific Blu-ray has quite a lot of special features. Especially interesting are the Enhanced Viewing option with its picture in picture commentary track with veterans and experts and the Field Guide with lots of supporting information like maps, interviews, historical footage, photographs, and so on.  The Pacific Blu-ray is a must for any WW II aficionado.

The three marines The Pacific focuses on are Robert Leckie, John Basilone, and Eugene Sledge. Their paths cross a couple of times but the focus is not on their relationship.

The Pacific presents other sides WW II than Band of Brothers. One soldier goes to a psychiatric facility for a while, one goes stateside to sell war bonds after becoming a hero,and one is the new guy joining a bunch of war tested soldiers. It closes with an episode set in the states after the end of the war.

This 6 Blu-ray disc 10 episode war series also pays more attention to the psychological effect of the war on soldiers. It is also darker than Band of Brothers with scenes like the soldiers removing gold teeth from Japanese dead and a soldier being killed by friendly fire.

Episodes 3, 7, and 9 of The Pacific are especially violent.

The series first weak point is it introduces many secondary characters who play an important role in the life of a main character. After a while you lose track of who is who and where. One very interesting character is Snafu, one of the guys in Eugene's periphery and the one who gives him the nickname Sledgehammer.

The second weak point is that after a while the island battles tend to look the same. That they often take place at night and thus look dark on even the best TV screen does not help.

Overall, The Pacific Blu-ray is a good HBO war series. It is not as good as Band of Brothers.

.Special features on The Pacific Blu-ray are "Historical Backgrounds" - the five-minute prologues that set the stage for each episode and additional historical footage narrated by Tom Hanks; a making of; "Profiles of The Pacific" - delve into the lives of the real Marines featured in The Pacific.; a feature on the historical influences and cultural perceptions that led to the merciless brutality in the Pacific theater of World War II. 

Most notable are "The Pacific Enhanced Viewing" - the ultimate viewing companion to The Pacific.  Learn more about the Marines and gain a deeper historical understanding of the battles while watching the miniseries with Enhanced Viewing, a 10-part, 10-hour, picture-in-picture experience.  Exclusive content includes interviews with historians and veterans, archival footage provided by the March of Times, maps and more. And "The Pacific® Field Guide" - allows viewers to navigate through the major events featured in The Pacific in this standalone, interactive Field Guide.  Search within four categories to view exclusive content including animated maps, extensive interviews with historians and veterans, historical footage, photographs and more.

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