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Mainstream - Lennon Naked

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Lennon Naked
Christopher Ecclestone, Naoko Mori
Directed by Edmund Coulthard
BBC Warner Home Video 2010
89 minutes

Lennon Naked is an unsatisfying biographical yarn about Beatle John Lennon. If you are a real Beatles or Lennon fan this DVD is more a curiosity than anything else. If you are a casual fan, this made for TV movie entertains but does not really say much about its subject. This is a movie about one of the 20th century s most important song writers and musicians yet there is almost no music in the entire thing.

This BBC TV production focuses on the years 1964 to 1971. It intersperses black and white generic historical footage with various scenes of John Lennon (Ecclestone) doing various things at various moments in his life.

A lot of Lennon Naked focuses on his relationship with his absent father but aside from John coming across as a an a-hole there is little revealed here. The other three Beatles show up occasionally at various press conferences marking moments in their career like before the trip to India or the founding of Apple Corps.

Christopher Ecclestone (the first 21st century Doctor Who) plays Lennon starting in 1964. Ecclestone is too old for the young Lennon and it sometimes shows. He's got the voice fairly right but the nose is all wrong. It is not his fault but you can't help noticing it.

The movie itself is uneven. Some scenes work, others like the one where the soundtrack plays the Were more popular than Jesus quote while Lennon walks around like he is stoned do little.

Naoko Mori is Yoko Ono and for some reason she occasionally speek like a Hollywood chinee chalacter, making this a rather racist take on Yoko.

Lennon Naked gets its title more from the odd full frontal nudity than anything it reveals about John Lennon.

This is the kind of movie you do not mind having seen but not worth the effort of seeking out.

There are no special features on the Lennon Naked DVD.

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