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Mainstream - A Dog Year

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A Dog Year
Jeff Bridges
Directed by John LaVoo
Originally aired HBO 2009
HBO Warner Home Video 2010
80 minutes

A Dog Year is a made for TV HBO movie. This is a slow-paced story about John Katz, a 56 year old man with a bad back and writer's block who adopts a somewhat crazy border collie named Devon. This is a pleasant enough DVD but you get the feeling you only got a few months from that year and not the most important one. This is a slow paced paced introspective or pseudo introspective story. A Dog Year picks up about two thirds in.

This HBO production is based on the memoir by Jon Katz. The book probably reveals a lot more about Jon and Devon than this production. The parallel between the dog and the man is no doubt clearer. I pretty much failed to get it in the movie version.
It might also tell the reader what Jon Katz does with his other dog when he rents the farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to be alone with Devon or to get Devon away from moving vehicles (it is not really clear why he does it).

So, Katz goes to some small country town and rents a house to be with his troubled dog. There he eventually meets a dog whisperer lady who can help him with his problem.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what it is but a couple of visits to the dog lady and Jon starts writing again. You also get the impression he bought the old farmhouse but who knows.

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