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Action - The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo

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The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo
Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner
Directed by Ben Affleck
Warner Home Video 2010
125 minutes

The Town is an action movie with a lesser romantic interest component. Both together make for a good date movie but a weaker action flick. The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo features the original and an extended by almost 30 minutes cut in addition to the commentary track and other expected special features.

Affleck and Renner play two guys from Charlestown MA who are part of a crew that robs banks. Doug (Affleck) is the calm one, James (Renner) is the violent one. The Town begins with a robbery not going quite according to plan so the crew takes Clair, the bank manager, hostage. They let her go but James wants to take care of her permanently. Doug decides to see if she is something the crew should worry about. They go out together and so on.

The crew pulls a couple of other heists during the movie including one at Fenway Park after a long Red Sox weekend. The FBI is of course after the crew.

The heists are very good. The Charlestown townie semi-historical aspects are interesting. Doug, Claire, James, the FBI agent are all interesting characters.

The weak point in The Town is there is a bit too much time spent on the Claire and Doug part of the story and other parts of the story like why the Florist is so powerful and connected are evaded.

The Town is a good movie and makes for a fun evening s entertainment despite a few weak points

Special features on The Town Blu-ray DVD Combo are commentary tracks, a digital copy, and various features: Ben's Boston - an inside look at the film and how it was made authentically in Boston; The Cathedral of Boston; Pulling off the perfect heist
The Town; The real people of The Town; Nuns with Guns: Filming in the North End; Ben Affleck: Director & Actor

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