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Action - Salt Blu-ray

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Salt Blu-ray
Angelina Jolie, Live Schreiber
Directed by Phillip Noyce
Sony Home Entertainment 2010
100 minutes

Salt is an excellent action thriller starring Angelina Jolie as an operative being chased by her own government because they think she is working for the other side. There are lots of chases, really cool and impossible in real life stunts, and lost of stuff blowing up. Salt Blu-ray features 3 different versions of the movie and the usual bells and whistles.

The story line in this Blu-ray action thriller is far more complex than what you get in most movies in this genre. Director Philip Noyce proves it is possible to make a complex thriller under 100 minutes and not waste anybody's time. Writer Kurt Wimmer does a very good job of playing with the viewer s expectations to create tension.

A massive dose of willing suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy this movie -like how does she pay for that first taxi ride-- but it is well worth it.

Salt is perhaps unnecessarily big on impressive stunts but that is easy to forgive as they do not take away from a good, tight story.

If only there was a way to set up a sequel....

Salt Blu-ray special features are an unrated director's cut and an unrated extended cut; Filmmaker Commentary; The Ultimate Female Action Hero; Spy Disguise: The Looks of Evelyn Salt; Radio Interview with Director Phillip Noyce; SALT making of; The Real Agents; Feature on Phillip Noyce; False Identity: Creating A New Reality; and Spy Cam: Picture in Picture Track - Discover how the stunts and action were created. With pre-visualization sequences, storyboards, and behind-the-scenes interviews with filmmakers, cast and crew you can uncover the truth behind Salt!

Richard Lanoie

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