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Action - Machete Blu-ray

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Machete Blu-ray
Danny Trejo, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez
Directed by Robert Rodriguez
Fox Home Entertainment 2011 105 minutes

The opening sequence of Machete features a dozen or so bodies created by guns and the main character's machete just so you know what you are getting. This Grindhouse Blu-ray is a veritable gore feast: one scene has Machete use a guy's intestines as a rope. This is also a very good action movie with an excellent, complex story and good acting. If you like really good and really violent action movies this Blu-ray is a must.

This action movie has a lot going for it. It is one of the better if not the best movies in the Grindhouse franchise. You do not often see gore with a sense of humor but this one has it.

Danny Trejo is former Federal Agent of some kind Machete. An operation goes wrong and his wife is killed and something happens to his daughter. Later, he is in the States and hired to take a shot at Senator McLaughlin. Things go wrong and the law and the bad guys are after him. An underground network that supports illegal immigrants lead by the mysterious She is there to help.

Machete features many well-known actors. Jessica Alba plays an agent. Steven Seagal plays a bad guy on the Mexican side of the U.S. border. Robert De Niro has fun as a Tea Party style senator running for reelection. Cheech Marin plays Machete s brother. Lindsay Lohan is typecast as an addict. Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame plays a minor baddie.

Special features for Machete Blu-ray include deleted scenes, an Audience Reaction track, a digital copy, and stuff you can download on your Smartphone.

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