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Westerns - Dances With Wolves Blu-ray

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Dances With Wolves 20th Anniversary Blu-ray
Kevin Costner, Graham Greene, Mary McDonnell
Directed by Kevin Costner
Originally released 1990
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

The only weak point in Dances With Wolves Blu-ray edition is you do not have the choice between the original 183 minute theatrical version and this, the 236 minute 20th Anniversary Extended Cut. After all, the movie that won 7 Academy Awards including Best Picture is the theatrical version and not the extended version. This Blu-ray is similar to the 2 DVD 2003 release with a couple more extra features.

Dances With Wolves has aged extremely well and is still a great movie, if a bit long. This great anti-western stars Kevin Costner as Lieutenant John Dunbar, an accidental Civil War hero who gets assigned to a forgotten, literally, post on the frontier. There he slowly befriends the Lakota (Sioux) people and learns their way of life and of looking at their environment.

Eventually, the army catches up with Dunbar and the experience forces him to take a drastic step.

The movie is much more complex than that but that is the basic storyline.

Dances With Wolves has a green message but it is very subtly presented. This is really a movie about the human experience in general.

The 236 minute version plays well and it is a bit difficult to see what could have been cut.

The first disc in this two-disc collection includes 2 commentary tracks: One with Costner and the producer, another with the director of photography and the editor. Blu-ray 2 includes the other special features: Military Rank and Social Hierarchy Guide;Real History or Movie Make-Believe?; A Day in the Life on the Western Frontier; The Original Making of Dances with Wolves; The Creation of an Epic - A Retrospective Documentary; Original Music Video Featuring Music by John Barry; Poster GalleryDances Photo Montage with Introduction by Ben Glass; Theatrical Trailer and TV spots. Nothing that was not available in the 2 DVD set.

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