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Mainstream - Conviction Blu-ray

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Click pic for Amazon page

Conviction Blu-ray
Hillary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver
Directed by Tony Goldwyn
Fox Home entertainment 2011

Conviction is a tear your heart out bring out the waterworks drama. If you like that kind of drama based or movies based on a real story you are going to like this Blu-ray. Conviction features really good performances by Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell and a solid supporting cast. The movie's one big weakness is director Tony Goldwyn has no clue what "chronology" means. That and the ending is on the cover.

Conviction is the story of Betty Anne Waters. She and her brother Kenny are New England trailer trash. They grew up to be very close and stick together through thick and thin. When Kenny is sent to prison for murder Betty Anne gets her GED, gets a BA, goes to law school, and works incessantly to prove him innocent and set him free.

The first half of Conviction covers the kids childhood, the trial, and Betty Anne going through school. The second half is about Betty Anne fighting the system. The thing is "the system" is not your usual movie monster.

This is a good movie.. This is not an easy story and the constant time changes in the first half make watching it that much more difficult.

The ending is rather anticlimactic.

Special features are a bit thin on the Conviction Blu-ray and limited to A Conversation with Tony Goldwyn and Betty Anne Waters

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