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Mainstream - The Color Purple Blu-ray Digibook

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The Color Purple Blu-ray
Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery
Direcgted by Steven Spielberg
Originally released 1985
Warner Home Entertainment 2011
153 minutes

Fans of Steven Spielberg s adaptation of the Alice Walker novel The Color Purple will rejoice knowning it is finally available on Blu-ray. No other format and definition could do justice to this multiple Academy Award nominee and Oscar non-winner. The digibook format with a few photographs and informative but superficial texts is just a bit of a bonus.

The Color Purple is the story of three Black women at the turn of the 20th century. Celie (Goldberg) is a tame woman married to a man who beats her (Glover). Sofia (Oprah) is the woman who will not let anyone step on her toes and pays the price. Shug Avery is the entertainer and the only one with some kind of freedom. It is also the story of Celie s sister Nettie, also a woman who has a mind of her own but is absent for most of the movie.

This is a great movie. Its complexity and length may put off some but it is well worth the investment. It features so many superb and telling scenes such as Celie and Shug looking for the letters Mister has kept from Celie; Sofia s appearance after the fight, or the scenes where Celie is reading the letters.

Blu-ray really allows The Color Purple to fully shine. This is in many ways Spielberg's most visually interesting film and high definition really brings his use of light to life.

Special features for The Color Purple Blu-ray are the same as the 2-DVD set released in 2003: Conversations with Ancestors: The Color Purple from Book to Screen; A Collaboration of Spirits: Casting and Acting The Color Purple; Cultivating a Classic: The Making of The Color Purple; The Color Purple: The Musical; Behind the Scenes and

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