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Mainstream - Helena From The Wedding

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Helena From The Wedding
Lee Tergesen, Melanie Lynskey, Gillian Jacobs
Written and directed by Joseph Infantolino
Film Movement 2011

If you are going to make a low-budget indie movie why not put everybody in the same place and save on location and such? Helena From The Wedding is yet another movie about couples in various states of matrimony getting together in a cabin somewhere and then having to face their secrets, imperfections, and problems. Film Movement does not often release American films as part of its series and it really could have passed on this one.

Alex and Alice host their friends at thelr lodge style cabin for New Year's Eve. Don and Lynn are having problems, Nick is separated, Steven and Eve and expecting and their friend Helena is a third wheel of sorts. There is a strong possibility Alex and Helena had a thing a while back. Basically not all is well with anybody s marital situation.

This DVD is billed as a comedy. There are a couple of somewhat comic moments involving Alex and Helena but aside from that you would be hard pressed to crack a smile.

The problem with Helena From the Wedding is all the characters are not much more than types and at best mundane. It does not help that all the actors in this American movie seem to be from the Canadian school of acting; flat and indistinct.

You could put a camera in the middle of any thirty-somethings gathering and get something like this.

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