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Action - Unstoppable Blu-ray

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unstoppable Blu-ray
Denzel Washington, Chris Pine
Directed by Tony Scott
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
95 minutes

Unstoppable is a very good disaster action movie with Denzel Washington and Chris Pine (Star Trek). It features good action sequence, decent special effects, and lots of adrenalin raising scenes. The characters could have been defined better but Washington and Pine are good actors and make up for that.

Washington plays veteran train engineer Frank. He gets teamed up with rookie conductor Will Stanton. Frank has a few days left before forced retirement and half his benefits. A lazy AWVR employee makes it so train 777 pulling tanks with hazardous chemicals is loose. The train company and its director try a few things that do not work and it is up to Frank and Will to save the day.

Of course, Frank goes against direct orders not to do what he decides to do and of course a few other AWVR employees also buck orders knowing Frank is right and the company VP is wrong. They continue doing their jobs even when fired.

The action consists in various attempts to stop the runaway train, Frank and Will first trying to get out of the way of and then chasing 777. They also get to do some male bonding.

The stuntmen covering for Chris Pine and Denzel Washington really earn their paycheck here.

There are a couple of shoddy SFX here: The shot of the "deadly curve in Stanton" looks like a miniature. 777 crashes into what is obviously a balsa trailer.

Special features for Unstoppable Blu-ray are Audio Commentary with Director Tony Scott; The Fastest Track: Unleashing Unstoppable; Derailed: Anatomy of a Scene; Hanging Off the Train: Stunt Work; On the Rails with the Director and Cast; Tracking the Story: Script Development; Digital Copy

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