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Mainstream - Last Tango In Paris Blu-ray

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Last Tango in Paris
Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider
Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
Originally released 1972
MGM Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Cinephiles will be happy to read Last Tango in Paris is not available in Blu-ray, the Uncut version of course. This Bernardo Bertolucci is more famous for its "butter scene" and for being famous than for having been seen. This is the movie where Marlon Brando and especially Maria Schneider spend their time in the buff and fornicating. This is a nihilistic / existentialist art-house movie and pretty much an acquired taste.

Brando plays Paul, a forty something man whose wife killed herself, leaving him the owner of a boarding house of sorts.  He meets Jeanne (Schneider) a twenty-something girl when they are both looking for an apartment. They sort of decide to meet on a regular basis, Jeanne doing so rather passively, with the rules that they are not to tell each other anything and discuss anything about the outside world.

Meanwhile Jeanne is also the passive focus of her filmmaker boyfriend s latest effort. This is a secondary and irritating story in Last Tango in Paris. It is also an important part of the movie as what happens to Jeanne with Paul is directly connected with what happens to her in her boyfriend s movie (for example she accuses her boyfriend of using her and making her do whatever he wants, something Paul is doing).

There are unfortunately no special features whatsoever on Last Tango in Paris Blu-ray aside from the trailer.

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