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Mainstream - Kennedy - Robert Kennedy and His Times

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Kennedy: Robert Kennedy and His Times
Brad Davis, Veronica Cartwright, Cliff DeYoung
Made For TV 1985
Sony Pictures Classics 2011

Kennedy: Robert Kennedy And His Times is the 2 DVD set of the 3-part 1985 made-for-TV movie. This is very much in the tradition of the biopic and its American history background make for a very interesting story. As for relevance just Robert s words about war (then in Vietnam) still ring true today. Brad Davis (Midnight Express) is excellent as bobby though his Bahston pak yo cah accent is uneven. The miniseries makes very good use of historical footage.

At a little over 5 hours, it is obvious Kennedy: Robert Kennedy And His Times is going to cover some historical minutia, especially as it starts in 1946 and JFK s election to Congress. This said, the series is very good at portraying the important events of the Kennedy era, especially the fight for civil rights, the beginnings of American participation in Vietnam, and the Cuban missile crisis.

Robert Kennedy and His Times DVD 1 ends with the assassination of JFK.

Most are not as familiar with Bobby Kennedy as JfK. The second and third episodes of Robert Kennedy and His Times do a great job of informing the viewer. DVD 2 opens with Kennedy s relationship with Lyndon Johnson and ends with Senator Kennedy s trip to South America. DVD 3 begins with the escalating war in Vietnam and LBJ still in power.

Robert Kennedy and His Times is not perfect. Some of the scenes are really awful. For example an aide to Joe McCarthy (played by Joe Pantoliano) and Robert Kennedy almost get into a fight and both fight like girls; the scene between JFK and Bobby on the plane towards their first fact finding mission is amateurish. These are few and far between though.

Veronica Cartwright is excellent as Ethel Kennedy. Look for Ned Beatty as Hoover, Jason Bateman, Shannen Doherty, and River Phoenix as young Kennedys. There are also minor roles for a gallery of actors who became famous later on.

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