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Mainstream - Every Day Blu-ray

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Liv Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Brian Dennehy
Directed by Richard Levine
Image Entertainment 2011

Every Day is a movie about the mundane and its complications and pressures. It features a solid cast with Liv Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Eddie Izzard, and Brian Dennehy and just as good a supporting cast. Every Day may have one too many complications for its own good. Overall this drama works but lacks that little something that would make it stand out or memorable.

Schreiber and Hunt are Jeannie and Ned. They have two sons and the eldest is 17 and gay. Jeannie s elderly and incapacitated father (Dennehy) has just moved in even though she resents the hell out of him and is already unhappy about everything. Ned is a writer for a night time drama soap type TV series run by the also gay Garret (Izzard). Garret s demands bring Ned and a single co-worker played by Carla Gugino together.

Where Every Day does not quite make it to a really interesting drama is in how ordinary these people and this story is. The movie comes close a few times to becoming more than just a good story with good actors but pulls its punches and piles on the crises. This weakens the overall story.

There is also the nagging feeling the Dennehy character could have been explored much more.

Every Day is about the travails of ordinary life. You will not regret watching it but wonder if it could not have been just a bit more. Then again, that can be said about life itself.

Special features on Every Day Blu-ray or DVD are Cast Interviews and Deleted Scenes.

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