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Science Fiction - Soylent Green Blu-ray

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Soylent Green Blu-ray
Charlton Heston, Edward G Robinson, Leigh Taylor Young
Directed by Richard Fleischer
Originally released 1973
Warner Home Video 2011
97 minutes

Finally available on Blu-ray Soylent Green is a classic dystopian SF movie from the seventies. Though the punch line of this movie is well-known, I would not want to spoil it for any new viewer. Special features are the same as were available for the DVD release: Commentary by Richard Fleischer and Leigh Taylor-Young; The World of Soylent Green; and a scratchy featurette MGM Tribute to Edward G Robinson 101st Film -and not much of a tribute at that.

Soylent Green is set in 2022 --which was 50 years in the future for the movie but only 11 counting from the Blu-ray release. The latter does take a bit of an edge off the dystopia but not enough for the movie not to work. In 2022 New York City holds 40 million people and the earth s resources have just about vanished because of global warming. People live and sleep where they can and depend on handouts of Soylent wafers to eat. Neither Soylent Blue nor Soylent Yellow satisfy but new Soylent Green does.

Charlton Heston is a New York City detective. He investigates the murder of a rich businessman. This allows him to see how the other 5% live. He is aided in his investigation by Sol (Edward G. Robinson) who is a "Book" aka a researcher.

The story uses the standard mystery ploy of the cop being told to drop a case so that he will investigate even harder. Heston discovers the motive for the rich man s death and the secret formula for Soylent Green.

Blu-ray brings little new to Soylent Green. This in part because the exterior scenes were consciously overexposed to show how hot it is and in part because special effects are non existent.

If you have not seen this science fiction classic, you really should.

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