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Science Fiction - Queen of Blood - MGM Limited Edition Collection

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Queen of Blood
John Saxon, Dennis Hopper, Judi Meredith
Directed by Curtis Harrington
Originally released 1966
MGM 2011
81 minutes

Queen of Blood is everything one imagines a Saturday matinee and midnight TV movie science-fiction B-movie to be. It is also one of the more visually interesting SF movies but the credit for that belongs to Mechte Navstrechu, one of two Russian movies Queen of Blood stole the alien and some earth scenes from. 

This DVD is a MGM Limited Edition Collection release which means no bells and whistles and a DVD-R disc. The film is widescreen and the quality is better than VHS with some dust and scratches here and there. The disc also has the odd tendency to cut to black for a couple of seconds here and there for what seems to be no particular reason and not a defect.

Queen of Blood is a more style than substance science fiction DVD. Humans get a message from an alien species on its way to say hello to earth. The alien spaceship has problems, crashes on Mars, and two teams of astronauts, one lead by John Saxon and another by Judi Meredith go to their rescue. This is slowly set up with lots of cuts to the alien base and scenes that look good but are quite open to interpretation.

The crew gets to the aliens but there is only one survivor: a green skinned lady with a trailer park hairdo. After a crew member is killed, they figure out what her feeding habits are like: rare, very rare.

Director Curtis Harrington is quite adroit at blending his own footage with that of the two Russian SF movies he ... borrowed from.

Queen of Blood is the kind of science fiction DVD only real fans of the genre will appreciate. That explains MGM s decision to release it as an on demand Limited Edition.

It is hard to fathom why the cover for this release suggests the movie is in Black and White but there you go.

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