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Mainstream - Meaghan Smith - The Cricket s Orchestra

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Amazon Canada page
The Cricket s Orchestra
Meaghan Smith

Sometimes a song on the radio makes your day. It gets even better if you remember the song was If You Asked Me and the artist Meaghan Smith. That the entire Meaghan Smith CD The Cricket's Orchestra turns out to be an absolute joy and amazing musical experience is ... impossibly rare. This is probably the reason this is only one of two CDs we hare reviews in more than 1000 pages. If you need a little joy in your life you simply have to get The Cricket's Orchestra; it is the kind of music that opens your heart. MP3 Album at Amazon

There is a joy almost as great as the talent on The Cricket's Orchesra. Smith has a thing for forties big band music but she also has both feet firmly in the 21st century. This makes If You Asked Me, the song I fell in love with, is reminiscent of the perquisite romantic number movies from the forties without sounding dated at all. You can almost picture the 78 when listening to I Know and picture the DJ scratching in the background of A Little Love.

Break up songs like Heartbroken have a lilt to them while others like Drifted Apart just about make you picture a girl dancing by herself in an empty ballroom to this slow number.

Take Me Dancing, track seven on Meaghan Smith The Cricket's Orchestra, is going to have all but paraplegics toe tapping and smapping fingers. CW fans are especially going to like You Got Out and those who do not like country like  tunes are going to like it anways.

It is most appropriate The Cricket's Orchestra ends with 5 More Minutes. That is exactly what you wish you could have with Meaghan Smith.

Richard Lanoie

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