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Mainstream - Glee Encore

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Glee - Encore Blu-ray
Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison
34 songs 1 Blu-ray
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
77 minutes

You re either a gleek or or you re not there does not seem to be any in between. The number of people who love this show and the number who hate it are equally enthusiastic. Why would you buy Glee: Encore if you already have the series? Glee has been very good at capitalizing on its success by releasing CDs and DVDs in a very timely manner almost ahead of the first runs on television. I will admit that our entire family are big Glee fans so when Encore was offered for review I practically leapt out of my seat to grab the 20th Century Fox Blu-Ray release.

As a fan I can tell you, you will not be disappointed as some of the best Glee numbers are on this disc. There are so many numbers in season one the publishers were bound to miss someone s favourite though the inclusion of Smile instead of Jump from the Mattress episode is a let down. All the numbers on Glee: Encore are from the first season which makes one hope that there is an Encore Season 2 in the offing at some point. Fans can watch the videos nonstop in sequence or on shuffle mode. Alternatively you can chose particular videos to watch and that s about it for features on this Blu-Ray which makes me wonder why bother with the Blu-Ray version when the standard DVD version will have the same options and videos? No matter how you slice it though this is definitely a keeper for Glee fans. It has already received more play in two days than our first season of Glee has. Gleeks need to add this to their collection it is worth it.

Denis Bernicky

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