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Action - The Green Hornet Blu-ray

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The Green Hornet Blu-ray
Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz
Directed by Michel Gondry
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
119 minutes

The final chase scene really kicks ass but The Green Hornet tries to be too many things and is just interesting enough to keep you watching. This Blu-ray tries to be an action comedy superhero romantic movie. Neither writer nor actor Seth Rogen have what it takes to make all of that work. If The Green Hornet is fun it is because of Jay Chou as Kato and Kato s cool cars and inventions.

Seth Rogen plays playboy millionaire Britt Reid. Stuff happens and he meets inventor, genius, and chop sockey expert Kato. The accidentally fight a crime and Reid becomes known as the Green Hornet. They take on crime boss and scenery chewer Chudnofsky. Chudnofsky fights back. Meanwhile, Kato and Britt act like two thirteen year olds and fight over a girl (Cameron Diaz). When push comes to shove you know what is going to happen.

The Green Hornet features pretty cool action scenes and gadgets. There is the occasional really good bit of writing or comedy but otherwise it is often juvenile. The Reid - Kato relationship is also fun but it could have been so much more interesting if done more seriously.

Cameron Diaz is pretty much wasted as love interest Lenore and getting a bit long in the tooth for the pouty ingénue stuff.

Features on The Green Hornet Blu-ray are The Green Hornet Cutting Room (exclusive to the Blu-ray); Deleted Scenes;  "Awesoom" - Gag Reel; especially lame Filmmakers Commentary; "Trust Me" - Director Michel Gondry, Writing The Green Hornet, The Black Beauty: Rebirth of Cool, The Stunt Family Armstrong, Finding Kato, and The Art of Destruction featurettes; movieIQ; Jay Chou Audition (Easter Egg); Double Barrel (Easter Egg).

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