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Mainstream - Mystic Pizza Blu-ray

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Mystic Pizza Blu-ray
Annabeth Gish, Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor
Directed by Donald Petrie
Originally released 1988
MGM Home Entertainment 2011

Mystic Pizza is a romantic coming of age movie perhaps better known for putting Julia Roberts (Daisy) on the map. This is most definitely a chick flick as it tells the story of two sisters (the wild Daisy and the bookish, smart Kat) and their friend Jo. All three work at the local pizza joint in Mystic Connecticut. They all find love in a different way and must learn to deal with it.  This is a low key MGM rerelease on Blu-ray so there are no menus or special features or even previews (woohoo!). Unfortunately, I found it difficult to come up with the right color settings for Mystic Pizza and it is not my TV s fault.

It is fall and after the tourist season. Jo has fainted just before she pronounced her vows so her wedding to her fisherman boyfriend is on hold. Kat is trying to save up money to go to Yale and that includes babysitting for a man who is getting a divorce. Daisy is Daisy and hooks up with a rich preppy.

In some ways Mystic Pizza is the girl version of a buddy movie. Daisy, Kat, and Jo are there for each other through thick and thin.

The movie has a few comic scenes but it is mostly about the girls finding out what love means or is.

This is a good movie and has stood the test of time pretty well. I am not convinced Blu-ray adds much to Mystic Pizza.

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