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Mainstream - Hello Lonesome

Hello Lonesome
Hello Lonesome
Harry Chase, Lynn Cohen, Nate Smith
Written and directed by Adam Reid
Opens May 27th 2011 Cinema Village NYC

Opening May 27th 2011 at the Cinema Village, Hello Lonesome is a naturalist, small budget American movie with solid production values and acting. It is about three lonely people: a voice-over guy (played by real voice-over guy Harry Chase), a woman in her sixties losing her independence, and a guy in his twenties who just met someone online. Hello Lonesome does what an indie movie is supposed to do: give the viewer a totally different experience.

Hello Lonesome is all subtlety. Bill is estranged from his wife and daughter, Eleanor is a widow with macular degeneration who can no longer drive and so just lost her independence, and Gordon is a sports fan who bets online.

All three are looking for some kind of connection to someone else. Bill befriends Omar, the guy who delivers his scripts. Eleanor asks editor neighbor Gary for a ride to the grocery store and then invites him for supper. Gordon hooks up with Debby and then hangs around.

Hello Lonesome does not go where you expect it to. It is the kind of movie that seems to have a language and vision of its own and if you accept that, it works.

The trailer for this movie really blows: it basically reveals everything.

This is the first American movie I have seen that has that very odd flatness movies from English Canada have. Just a thought.

Hello Lonesome will be available as video on demand June 1st.

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