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Action - Cohen & Tate - MGM Limited Edition Collection

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Cohen & Tate
Roy Scheider, Adam Baldwin
Written and directed by Erid Red
MGM 1988
MGM Home Entertainment 2011
85 minutes

Cohen & Tate is one of MGM s Limited Edition Collection DVD releases. Unlike other titles recently reviewed here, the picture quality for Cohen & Tate is not much better than VHS, especially in the opening day scenes. This thriller was written and directed by Eric Red, best known for the original The Hitcher and not much else. You can usually figure out why MGM released a DVD in this collection but not this time.

This is the story of a veteran hitman named Cohen (Scheider) who must endure the company of Tate, a younger, sadistic hitman (Baldwin). They have been hired to get Travis, a young boy in the Witness Protection Program, kill his parents and the agents protecting him, and bring him to their mob boss. At the very beginning of the long car ride back to Houston Travis (and anyone with the modicum of an IQ) figures out the two hitmen do not get along and he decides to play them against each other.

The kid playing Travis has less talent than Ricky Schroeder. Since he is central to this thriller, it does not help.

It also does little for this movie that both Scheider and Baldwin talk like spaghetti western cowboys dubbed in English.

The final showdown between Cohen & Tate is pretty good.

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