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Action - Street Kings 2 Blu-ray DVD combo

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Street Kings 2 Motor City Blu-ray DVD Combo
Ray Liotta, Shawn Hatosy
Directed by Chris Fisher
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Street Kings 2 Blu-ray and DVD combo begins with the usual cop movie tropes but thirty minutes in you see this is going to be a different enough ride. Street Kings 2 Motor City is the story of two mismatched newly partnered cops. The movie features chase scenes, occasional forays into bars where women just happen to remove their clothing and shake their bootie, smacking around uncooperative informants and so on. The story is better than that.

Liotta plays veteran cop Marty Kingston. Marty got hurt in a shootout eight years ago and limps. This sort of explains why fifty-six year old Liotta does not do a lot of running around in Street Kings 2 Motor City. One of Ray s former undercover partners is shot down and Marty decides investigating that is more interesting than going around schools in a dog costume talking to kids. Within a minute he is partnered with young detective Dan Sullivan (Hatosy) and just about as quickly discovers the former partner was dirty and some big, ugly guy might be the killer.

Kingston and Sullivan go through the usual mismatched partners routine in almost a scene and bond just as quickly minutes later. Things get more serious when other cops are targeted.

Street Kings 2 Motor City was either only filmed very early Sunday mornings or the economy really is down the toilet as there seems to be little if any people or traffic in this movie.

This cop action thriller has a couple of original twists and the ending is very good.

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