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Action - Terminator Blu-ray Book

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Terminator Blu-ray Book
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn
Written directed by James Cameron
MGM 2011

Terminator is one of the greatest SF action movies ever made. Blu-ray really does it justice. Written and directed by James Cameron, this is a movie that has marked its time. Terminator Blu-ray book version does not bring any new gears or sprockets to the Blu-ray version of James Cameron s scifi classic. The only thing different in this version of the release is it is in book form with color pictures and some informative text.

Special features are seven deleted scenes, a 12-minute feature on the visual effects and music, and Terminator: A Retrospective, a 20-minute making of that includes a chat between Cameron and star Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is one of the better such features I have seen.

If you have been out of touch the last 25 years or so or are too young to have seen it before, Terminator is the story of waitress Sarah Connor. She is targeted for termination by a cyborg (Schwarzenegger) that came to 1984 L.A. from the future. The reason the Terminator is after her is Sarah is going to give birth to the leader of the resistance against the cyborgs in a post nuclear war world. Reese, a human from the future, has been sent to protect Sarah.

The movie is basically a series of chase scene, each one more dramatic and violent than the previous, as the Terminator tries to kill Sarah Connor.

The Terminator is still excellent almost thirty years later. The SFX are still believable, even on Blu-ray, The one thing that has not really aged well is  the electronic music used in the movie. The Terminator stop motion at the end of the movie still looks as choppy as some of Ray Harryhausens best work in the fifties.

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