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Action - The Adjustment Bureau

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The Adjustment Bureau
Matt Damon, Emily Blunt
Directed by George Nolfi
Universal Studios 2011
106 minutes

Recently there have been a spate of action - adventure movies that have had a strong romance element. Whether it is to broaden the appeal of the genre to a more mature audience or just to bring in more female clients the trend is once again seen in The Adjustment Bureau. Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) and Emily Blunt (My Summer of Love) star in a loose adaptation of the Philip K. Dick short story Adjustment Team .

In this version of the story David Norris (Damon) is on a meteoric rise to the U.S. Senate with the world looking very much like the U.S. Presidency might be in his future. Into his life, on the worst day of his life, comes Elise Selias (Blunt) and the world gets turned on its head.The premise of the story is fairly simple: What if free will was only free within a certain range of possible parameters decided upon by someone else? What if there really is a master plan for life, the universe and everything? What if you didn/'t like the plan? The questions that can arise from such a simple premise are the bread and butter of an action romance that is eminently watchable and enjoyable.

The chemistry between Damon and Blunt is very good but what makes this movie are the characters from the Adjustment Bureau itself. Acting every bit like government bureaucrats from a Kafka story the well meaning but “orders are orders” approach give the audience even more reason to cheer the underdog Norris.

At its heart The Adjustment Bureau is about faith in oneself, one/'s love and the way things ought to be. It is a good movie for couples or just plain everyday science fiction, action – adventure fans.

Denis Bernicky

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