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Science Fiction - Source Code

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Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga
Directed by Duncan Jones
Summit Entertainment 2011
93 minutes

Getting the science right or even understandable is not often a priority for film makers but in the case of the sci-fi action romance Source Code the science is explained but not overly simplified. If you have a lay understanding of quantum physics and dimensional theory you will get the science but if you do not know what these things are you will still get the story. It is nice when the time and effort are made to include the entire audience. Source code is a smart and compelling effort and enjoyable from start to finish.

At first when the viewer realizes what is happening there is a question of how are they going to pull the story off without it plodding along. The answer is a strong story, good acting, superb direction and some of the best lighting and sound work in any movie out there this year.

The premise is this: Jake Gyllenhaal plays army helicopter pilot Colter Steven to whom we are introduced just moments before he is blown to pieces by a bomb he is supposed to be trying to locate. In reality Colter has not been blown up he wakes up in a high tech environment that looks a little like a cockpit to a space ship and talking to Colleen Goodwin an Air Force Captain who seems to be his handler. He hasn/'t  found the bomb and will be sent back to the train to try and locate it. All in all it is not a complicated premise but it is a complicated theory but it is carried off with aplomb.

Source Code is a very good movie and well worth the cost of entry into the cinema to see it on the big screen with Dolby sound. This is a sci-fi movie that will definitely find its way onto my shelf (along with District 9 and the rest of my SF collection) as soon as it hits the stores.

Denis Bernicky

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