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Action - The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book

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The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book
Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollack, Kevin Spacey
Directed by Bryan Singer
Originally released 1995
MGM 2011

Now available in the Blu-ray Book format, The Usual Suspects is an original and very entertaining thriller. This is not the usual Hollywood blow em and shoot em up movie that is thin on plot and big on special effects.  The Usual Suspect is driven by a complex story and solid actors. Some say this is a complex movie but if you pay attention it is really not that complicated.

Kevin Spacey won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of Verbal. Verbal is the only witness to a heist gone really, really wrong. The story he tells to a customs agent (Chaz Palminteri) centers around a major explosion and large body count the night before at an L.A. pier but really begins a few months before when Verbal and some of his cohorts are taken in for a lame police line-up in New York City.

Verbal tells the story of how the line-up led to a jewel heist which led to a trip to L.A. which led to an encounter with a notorious and ghost-like criminal named Keyzer Soze. Soze blackmails Keaton (Gabriel Byrne), the leader of the crew Verbal belongs to, and the other gang members to do a very dangerous job for him.

The customs agent is especially interested in getting Keaton and Verbal has a hard time convincing the agent Keaton is dead. He also has a hard time convincing Keyser Soze was an important element in the story.

The Usual Suspects follows Verbal s narrative as it flashes back to past events and then returns to Verbal telling his story in the police station.

This is an excellent thriller.

Unfortunately The Usual Suspects Blu-ray Book edition has not special features.

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