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Westerns - John Wayne - The Comancheros Blu-ray 50th Anniversary Book

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The Comancheros Blu-ray 50th Anniversary
John Wayne, Stuart Whitman, Michael Ansara
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Originally released 1961
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
107 minutes

Cinemascope translates to 2:35:1 widescreen for The Comancheros Blu-ray 50th Anniversary Book. This buddy movie of sorts is one of the good John Wayne Westerns. The colors on The Comancheros are a bit too vivid but that is almost to be expected in Cinemascope. Sound is either 2.0 mono or after the fact 5.1 Dolby. The Comancheros is classic western fare with lots of cowboys and Indians and shootouts (including one where one shot kills three Comanches). The humor is unexpected and it adds to this western. The romantic angle also adds to this movie.

In The Comancheros John Wayne plays Texas Ranger Jake Cutter. He takes custody of a fugitive gentleman from Louisiana he calls Mon-soor Paul Regret (Stuart Whitman). Regret is wanted for killing a judge s son in a legal duel. Regret becomes his on again off again prisoner.

On his way to the Rangers headquarters Cutter goes by the farm he used to own and finds the occupants massacred by the Comanches. Regret escapes. Cutter then poses as gun dealer to find the Comancheros, a group supplying guns to the Indians. He meets Tuly Crow (Lee Marvin) who works for that gang. Cutter also comes across Regret again.

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Eventually, Cutter finds the Comancheros and Regret finds the girl.

The Comancheros has a somewhat messy narrative but  it gets away with it.

Special features on The Comancheros Blu-ray 50th Anniversary are: Audio commentary with Stuart Whitman, Michael Ansara, Nehemiah Pesoff, and Patrick Wayne;  New special features include The Duke At Fox, a two part 30 minute documentary; The Comancheros and the Battle For The Southwest Documentary, Vintage Comancheros Comic Book Photo Gallery; and a Conversation with Stuart Whitman Audio Interview. There are also a couple of Movietone News clips

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