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Mainstream - Challenge of the GoBots - The Original Mini-series

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Challenge of the Gobots
The Original Mini-Series
Leader -1, Turbo, Cy-Kill
5 episodes 1 DVD
Originally aired 1984
Warner Home Video 2011

Challenge of the GoBots is the five episode pilot for the two season Hanna Barbera cartoon that aired in the mid-eighties. GoBots were low rent Transformers. This is American made animation. The show’s theme song may be moronic “The GoBots, (repeat 3 more times)” but the cartoon is imaginative and fun. It is easy to see why it had a 60 show run. Challenge of the GoBots features the first five cartoons on 1 fullscreen DVD. These episodes were remastered and look really good on a big screen TV though there is the odd spec of dust here and there and the interstitials show more wear..

Cy-Kill, Crasher, and Cop-Tur are Renegade transforming robots from the planet Gobotron. They escape Gobotron and make for Earth where Cy-Kill has an ally. The Guardians: Leader-1, Turbo, and the annoying child like Scooter follow the bad GoBots to Earth.

The Guardians befriend astronaut Matt Hunter and his two teen associates Nick and Allison aka A.J. Nick finds out Cy-Kill has allied himself with Dr. Braxis who is also Hunter’s boss at NASA.

Episodes feature the good bots looking for a part to fix Turbo while Cy-Kill looks for a crystal that will give his master ultimate power. There are quite a few chase scenes featuring laser like shooting and all GoBots and humans are really really bad shots. The segments and episodes usually end with a cliffhanger.

What makes the five episodes in Challenge of the GoBots work is the stories are pretty good, the show has a sense of humor, and the two teen characters are not just cute cartoon kids and actually play a role in the stories.

Challenge of the GoBots is a fun cartoon DVD and will certainly please those who remember this eighties cartoon fondly.

Goofs: The sign on the gate to Cheyenne Mountain reads U.S. Gomernment. Some of the lipsync in the scene back on Gobotron in episode 5 is really off while one bots seatmates disappear in between two shots

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