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Science Fiction - Stargate Universe - SGU - The Final Season - Season 2

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Stargate Universe - SGU The Final Season aka Season Two
Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque
20 episodes 5 DVD
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

The YouTube clip provides a good overall idea of Stargate Universe aka Stargate SGU Season 1.  Stargate Universe SGU the Second and Final Season features 20 episodes on 5 DVD. There are loads of special features including commentary track for each episode. Unfortunately Stargate SGU got cancelled and season 2 ends with a cliffhanger that will probably never find closure.

The final season begins where the previous one left off. The Lucian Alliance is nominally in control of the Destiny ship and the Terrans are prisoners. Stuff happens and some of the Lucians are prisoner on the ship. Rush gains full control of the ship but fails to tell anybody. There is tension between some of the Lucians and the original Destiny crew while the usual tensions between Rush, Camille, and Young are still going strong.

A few of these issues get resolved, a few new ones crop up. Things get more interesting with episode 7 and Rodney Mackay visits later on in the season.

The writers for this last season of SGU rode the Deus Ex Machina to work every day so lots of stuff happens because of or through the magic of the Ancients.

Originally enough the show ends with Destiny under attack.

There are many theories as to why SGU - Stargate Universe had only two seasons due to diminishing viewership.  My guess is there is an inherent dislike for shows where in the civilians vs. military conflict the civilians are the less honorable faction. Add to this two of the most important civilians are Camille, a nagging bitch on wheels, and Doctor Rush, a self-centered wackjob. Then again, there are only so many times you can pull the old “the Ancients did it’ out of the tophat.

Also those familiar with the Stargate franchise, especially Atlantis, had a sense of déjà vu all over again, even in terms of supporting characters –was there really a difference between SGU’s Eli and Atlantis’ Rodney?  There is such a thing as Stargate fatigue.

Special Features (the titles of which contain SPOILERS) should not be watched before the episodes on a given disc:

Robert Carlyle Directs; Andy Mikita Directs; Eli’s Mom Comes on Board; Brian J. Smith’s First Fight; Crashing a Shuttle; The Seed Ship with Joe Mallozzi; Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Riley; Lou Diamond Phillips on Guest Stars; Lt. Scott Gets Hit By A Car; Inside Cloverdale with Brad Wright; How to Get Sucked Into Space; SG-U Welcomes You to New Mexico’s Bisti Badlands; Deconstructing Destiny; A Day in the Life of Jamil Walker Smith; Transplant Day; Sitting Down with Mike Dopud; Bringing the Bridge to Life; Louis Ferreira vs. Colonel Young; Pitches: A Journey of Friendship and Discovery; Behind the Season 2 Finale – Gauntlet

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