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Foreign Film - England - Another Year Blu-ray and DVD Set

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Another Year Blu-ray DVD set
Directed by Mike Leigh
Sony Picture Classics 2011
129 minutes

Another Year, nominated for a 2010 Best Original Screenplay Academy Award, is one of those quiet human dramas the British do so well. This is a story of the mundane so nothing out of the ordinary happens and that is part of the idea. Another Year about is the little things we are all familiar with but do not normally pay much attention to. This means you have to be willing to pay attention to really get this film

Tom and Gerri are a couple in their late fifties early sixties and very happy together. They are the constant that attracts their single friends Ken (Peter Wight) and Mary who are having a hard time coping with being where they are at this point in their life. Another Year follows Tom and Gerri, their son, and their friends over a year in an almost documentary fashion.

This drama is a series of short moments in the life a loving couple. A lot of the important ideas are present in the actions and interactions of the secondary characters. An example of this is the summer scene where Mary arrives late at the lunch and purposefully brushes off and ignores just as single Ken. Her hitting on Joe, Tom and Gerri’s son is sadly comic.

This is a serious, quiet drama about life itself. If you are in the mood for something like this Another Year is very good. The cinematography is superb.

Special Features for Another Year Blu-ray DVD are Commentary with Mike Leigh and Lesley Manville (Mary), a Making Of, and The Mike Leigh Method.

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