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Horror - Teen Wolf - MuchMusic and Much HD Mondays 10 p.m.

Teen Wolf - MuchMusic and Much HD Mondays 10 p.m.
Teen Wolf
Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O?Brien
MuchMusic and MuchHD
Mondays 10 p.m.

Teen Wolf is a new goth-ish teen audience TV series that airs Monday nights at 10 on MuchMusic and MuchHD. This is a fun show using tried and true teen flick recipes. The biggest difference between this and shows like Twilight is Teen Wolf has a decent sense of humor and much better acting though the writing and plotting is just as ham-fisted and the special effects are low budget. The roots of this series are in the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie of the same name.

Scott and his pal Stiles (Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien) go traipsing in the woods looking for the other half of a body some hikers found. Scott is attacked by something. The next thing he knows is he has a bite mark and very acute hearing. His new, improved reflexes allow him to make the school lacrosse team. Scott also falls for a new student named Allison.

Scott’s nemesis is a jock named Jackson. We know he is a bad guy because the first thing he does shows he is an asshole. Also on the dark side is a twenty-something named Derek Hale whose entire family burned in a house fire ten years ago. At the end of the pilot episode Scott finds out what he is, that there are others, and there are hunters out to get him and other werewolves.

Episode 2 has Scott thinking playing in the season opener is not a good idea and the mysterious Hale agrees. Scott and Stiles go looking for the half body again.

An example of the ham-fisted writing is early on in the pilot episode Allison knocks on the local vet’s door where Scott just happens to work. Scott uses his new powers to calm the dog she accidentally hit and in a scene where you need a major dose of willing suspension of disbelief offers to set the dog’s broken leg because “I’ve seen the vet do it many times.” Also, the minute Stiles hears about Scott’s mysterious bite he makes a lycanthropy joke and mentions there is a full moon in a couple of days.

Especially atrocious in the acting department is Orny Adams (of the Seinfeld Comedian doc fame). He chews more scenery than a pack of werewolves.

Teen Wolf is a fun show and should please its target audience. It airs on MuchMusic and Much HD Mondays at 10

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