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Action - Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Battle: Los Angeles
Aaron Eckhart, Michael Pena, Michelle Rodriguez
Directed by Jonathan Liebesman
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011
116 minutes

Battle Los Angeles Blu-ray kicks ass. Stuff blows up in the very first seconds of this SF war movie and does not let up. Many other action movies could take a lesson form the first ten minutes of Battle: Los Angeles in how to establish who the important characters are and what their deal is in less than ten minutes.

Aaron Eckhart plays Staff Sergeant Nantz who files his retirement papers on the same day aliens attack earth. His unit’s first mission is to rescue civilians trapped in a police station south of the area the army is going to carpet bomb in thirty minutes. This is where they make first contact with the aliens.

In terms of standard war or alien invasion movie there is nothing new in Battle: Los Angeles although some of the alien stuff is original. Then again, all that is not important. This Blu-ray sets out to be an action movie and on that front is really does not let you down.

This urban war movie with aliens may be a bit long at just under two hours and Battle: Los Angeles may be rife with war movie clichés but stuff blows up real good and on a regular basis and it keeps you entertained.

Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray Disc Bonus Features: Command Control - Command and control your viewing experience by watching Picture-in-Picture, Storyboard Comparisons and Battle Points within the context of the movie. Featurettes:Behind The Battle, Aliens in LA, Preparing for Battle, Creating L.A. in LA Exclusive playable game demo of the first-person shooter PS3 game Resistance; movieIQ

DVD special features are the featurettes only.

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