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Mainstream - The Big C - The Complete First Season

Amazon page
Amazon page

The Big C The Complete First Season
Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, Phyllis Somerville
13 episodes 3 DVD
Originally aired Showtime 2010
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

The Big C is an excellent Showtime comedy / drama. Like many other good cable shows there is nothing quite like it. Some may find it questionable to do a dark comedy about soccer mom with stage four cancer but life is life and these things do happen. This is not a tearjerker nor a laugh out loud funny show but it is much more comic than dramatic. The Big C The Complete First Season features 13 episodes on 3 DVD.

Laura Linney won a Golden Glove for her portrayal of Cathy Jamison, a suburban housewife and teacher who learns she has stage four melanoma. This changes quite a few things for a woman who according to her brother and husband had a bit of a stick up her ass. Cathy decides not to tell anyone about her illness in part because she does not want pity. She also decides it is time to try new things and live it up a little. This includes building a pool in her too small for a pool backyard. The pool does not get built but is used in the show’s opening credits.

Supporting characters include Cathy’s fourteen year old son, her recently moved out of the house husband, a summer school student she decides to help (Gabourey Sidibe of Precious), and Marlene, the crochety old lady from across the street.

What makes The Big C aside from solid comedy and dramatic writing is it is a realistic show. The show does not approach its core subject matter with TVs standard rose-colored glasses.

In case you are wondering, this is really not a depressing or negative show. Those who are uncomfortable with dark comedy should abstain.

Deleted scenes and interviews with the actors are the special features for The Big C The Complete First Season.

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