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Mainstream - The Assisi Underground - MGM Limited Edition Collection

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Amazon page

The Assisi Underground
Ben Cross, Irene Pappas, James Mason
Directed by Alexander Ramati
Golan Globus 1985
MGM Home Video 2011
113 minutes

The Assisi Underground DVD is part of the made on demand MGM Limited Edition Collection. This war movie tells the true story of how the people of Assisi rescued hundreds of Jews during the war. This is a Golan Globus production so expect B-movie acting and decent enough production values. The print used for this DVD is Fullscreen and unrestored, making for a VHS quality picture.

Ben Cross, of nothing in particular fame, plays Padre Rufino. He is asked by his Archbishop (James Mason) to bring Jews to Assisi. He then hides them in a convent run by Mother Guiseppina (Irene Pappas). Also part of the group is a scientist the Germans want to get their hands on and his sick wife. He is then assigned another group to bring close to the southern front so they can pass to the Allied side. Maximilian Schell plays Colonel Muller.

Some of the Jews Padre Rufino protects join the resistance and it is through their efforts that Assisi is saved from destruction.

The Assisi is a decent enough movie. It is a bit on the long side and Ben Cross is not the best of actors. The story itself is interesting but there is something about its presentation that leaves a viewer somewhat detached from the events portrayed here.

The cyclist who brings Father Rufino the papers is Gino Bartali, a cyclist who won the Tour de France in 1938 and 1948 and really did what he is shown doing in The Assisi Underground

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