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Mainstream - Keaton s Cop - MGM Limited Edition Collection

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Amazon page

Keaton s Cop
Lee Majors, Abe Vigoda, Don Rickles
Directed by Robert Burge
Originally released 1990
MGM Home Entertainment 2011
Widescreen 95 minutes

Keaton’s Cop is a 1990 Cannon Group cop movie with B-list actors and a D-list script. This is the kind of movie you are most likely to find on a regional TV station on Saturday afternoon when there is nothing else on. It is a little hard to fathom why this title was chosen to be part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection DVD on demand program but somebody figured there was a market out there for it.

This is the story of a cop named Gabe (Lee Majors) and his partner (Don Rickles). Gabe is having a tough time being divorced so he releases tension by tossing baddies out of windows. A series of hits on old mobsters bring Gabe and his partner to an ex-con named Keaton (Abe Vigoda).

Stuff happens and Gabe has to protect Keaton from somebody called Big Momma. For some reason, Gabe’s captain accepts to have ex-con Keaton ride with Gabe to find clues as to who is trying to kill Keaton and why. This involves a lot of driving around town and a chase scene.

Eventually, all is sort of explained.

Aside from voiced over scenes where the lips do not always match the words, a couple of scenes that make little sense or do little to move the story, and a rather thin plot that seems to have been figured out late in the movie to explain why bad guys are after Keaton, there is little to complain about in this DVD.

This is a movie for serious Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man), Abe Vigoda, or Don Rickles fans (and Rickles does not have that big a part in this one).

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