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Horror - Red Riding Hood Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Amazon page

Red Riding Hood Blu-ray DVD Combo
Amanda Seyfried, Billy Burke, Gary Oldman
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke
Warner Home Video 2011
100 minutes

Twilight meets a not really Grimm and tween audience tale in Red Riding Hood Bu-ray. This movie is a tad wee bit scary due to the CGI wolf but it is mostly the story of a village girl having to choose between Peter,  the woodsman she is in love with, and Henry, the blacksmith she is promised to. The whole wolf thing is almost a secondary thought though it brings some energy to Red Riding Hood.

Valerie has always been in love with Peter. One day her sister is killed by the wolf and the villagers decide to stop being afraid of it and sacrificing animals to keep it happy and go hunt and kill it. This sets up a chain of events where famed werewolf hunter Father Solomon, an appropriately creepy Gary Oldman, is called in to solve the problem.

Follows a series of CGI enhanced attacks, a series of accusations as to who is the werewolf and some appropriately sadistic medieval truth exacting tools –nothing too gross though. Meanwhile, Valerie, who has coincidentally been giving a nice red cloak by her grandmother, has to choose between the two men.

The movie nods at other wolf fairytales such as Peter and the Wolf and the Three Little Pigs but fails to mention the Boy who Cried Wolf.

Red Riding Hood Blu-ray satisfies after a slow start but is more appropriate to the tween Twilight fan club than anything else.

Special features for Red Riding Hood Blu-ray DVD Combo are a digital copy, picture in picture commentary track, a minute longer extended cut, casting reels, music videos, and an Easter egg.

The Red Riding Hood Easter Egg is found by selecting Special Features and then pressing the left arrow. You get a short clip of a guy in a wolf costume auditioning for the part.

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