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Westerns - The Long Riders Blu-ray

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Amazon page

The Long Riders Blu-ray
Keach brothers, Carradine brothers, Quaid brothers
Directed by Walter Hill
Originally released 1980
Fox Home Entertainment 2011
100 minutes

The Long Riders is more a historical or period drama than a western but it does have all the requirements of the western including gunfights and one of the best knife fights on screen between Cole Younger (David Carradine) and Sam Starr. The Long Riders Blu-ray features a mostly good print with one somewhat grainy scene. There are unfortunately no special features on this Blu-ray

James Kean and Stacey Keach play Jesse and Frank James. They are part of a bank robbing gang with the Younger brothers (David, Keith, and Robert Carradine) and the lesser known Miller brothers (Denis and Randy Quaid). The Long Riders follows their adventures including their being chased by Pinkerton men.

There is something almost documentary like to this movie. The trick of having brother actors portray brother characters is interesting but not a distraction.

If you are looking for great John Ford styles vistas, forget it.  If you like a more accurate, sometimes violent western tale The Long Riders Blu-ray works.

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