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Mainstream - Rome The Complete First Season Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Rome The Complete First Season Blu-ray
Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, Claran Hinds
5 discs 12 episodes
Originally broadcast HBO 2005
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Rome is an excellent miniseries originally aired on HBO. The complete first season is framed by the story of Julius Caesar from his return from Gaul to his betrayal by Brutus. This is not a dry, boring historical tale by far. The series centers more on centurion Lucius Vorenus and legionary Titus Pullo who were with Caesar in Gaul. It is the day-to-day life of these two men and Vorenus’ family that are most interesting. Rome The Complete First Season Blu-ray features 12 episodes on 5 discs. Special features include commentary track and a very good pop up informative feature titled All Roads Lead To Rome.

Rome is pretty much a historical soap opera with adult content and violent scenes. Apart from Vorenus and Pullo, the show focuses on the behind the scenes machinations of the rich and powerful. These include the devilishly clever and evil Attia of the Julii, Servilia, the mistress Caesar abandons and wants revenge.

Lesser characters in season one include Marc Anthony, Pompey Magnus who rules with Caesar, Cicero, and Attia’s son Octavian who will play a major role in season 2.

What really makes this show stand out is the attention paid to the every day life of the citizens, plebs, and slaves. This is in part done through Vorenus but also through the sometimes comical announcements of the two crier.

The last show of Rome The Complete First Season Blu-ray is especially good.

Rome takes an episode or two to settle in and establish who’s who but it is well worth the effort.

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