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Action - Sucker Punch Blu-ray DVD Steelbox

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Amazon page

Sucker Punch Blu-ray
Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jenna Malone
Directed by Zack Snyder
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Film narrative rules have been changing quite drastically in the last few years. Sucker Punch Blu-ray is an excellent example of that. The movie combines live action with video game animation using the performance capture process to make the actors part of the game. It makes for a visually stimulating and original tale with a narrative thread that requires a few leaps of faith and suspension of disbelief. Sucker Punch is an excellent movie that should only be seen on Blu-ray

Emily Browning plays Baby Doll, a young woman sent to the Brattleboro Asylum by her crooked stepfather after her mother’s death. The stepfather bribes one of the orderlies to fake forms so she will be given a lobotomy in five days.

To escape that reality Baby Doll then imagines herself in a story involving an orphanage where the girls are forced to dance and more for libidinous men. Her imagined narrative includes other girls in the asylum and some of the staff members.

The core of the narrative is her and her friends going on missions for a wise man / team leader. These missions include WW I German zombies, going into a dragon’s lair and finding precious jewels, and disarming a bomb on a speed train.

All this to a rocking soundtrack featuring modern takes on White Rabbit, Tomorrow Never Knows, Sweet Dream Are Made of These and other cool tunes.

Sucker Punch is one movie you really have to see. It is one hell of a ride.

Special features for Sucker Punch Blu-ray DVD Steelbox Combo are Extended Cut Feature Film disc; Theatrical Cut Feature Film disc; Motion Comics: "Feudal Warriros", "The Trenches", "Dragon", "Distant Planet"; Sucker Punch: Behind the Soundtrack; Maximum Movie Mode - "Exploring the Fantasy World"; 12 Walk-ons with Zack; PIP Storyboards; Galleries; digital copy

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