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Mainstream - The Killer Is Loose - MGM Limited Edition Collection

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Amazon page

The Killer Is Loose
Wendell Corey, Joseph Cotten, Rhonda Fleming
Directed by Budd Boetticher
Black and white Fullscreen
Originally released 1956
MGM Home Video 2011

This MGM Limited Edition on demand DVD is a pretty good thriller. The Killer Is Loose features a very good print with very very few specs and scratches. Directed by Budd Boetticher, it stars Joseph Cotton as an L.A. detective, Rhonda Fleming as his wife, and Wendell Corey (Dr. Alexander in Sorry, Wrong Number) as a convict out for revenge.

At 73 minutes, The Killer Is Loose does not waste much time if any telling its story. Poole (Corey) is a mild-mannered bank clerk. He plays hero when his bank is help up but the cops discover he was in on it. Detective Wagner (Cotten) accidentally shoots Poole’s wife when the cops go to his place to arrest him.

A few years later, Poole escapes from jail. There is a manhunt but the cops know the criminal vowed revenge so they stake out Wagner’s house after sending his wife away. His wife is less than pleased and decides to go back home to confront her husband.

Who will get to the Wagner residence first?

The Killer Is Loose is one of the better and better looking titles in the MGM Limited Edition Collection on demand DVD series.

Alan Hale, the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, plays one of the cops on the case.

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