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Mainstream - MTV - Movie Night Inside the Summer Blockbuster

MTV - Movie Night Inside the Summer Blockbuster
Movie Night: Inside the Summer Blockbuster
Thursday July 14th
6:30 P.M.

Movie Night is MTV Canada’s weekly take on the latest movies and such. The Thursday July 14th show will look at the summer blockbuster. This is fluff entertainment but it is enjoyable. Host Johnny Hockin kind of knows his stuff but there is not a lot a movie buff does not already know.

Movie Night Inside the Summer Blockbuster says the blockbuster first appeared in 1975. Yes and no. Movies like Gone With the Wind (1939) and Ben-Hur (1959) were also called blockbuster. Yes because the whole summer blockbuster phenom with studios spending bazillions on promo to get their movie in the top spot and everybody predicting, usually wrongly, what will this summer’s big hit be, did originate with Jaws and Spielberg.

The show also looks at other blockbusters like Indiana Jones, summer stars like Will Smith of ID4 and Men in Black, the Star Wars era, the sequel, and Spielberg’s streak in the genre. Movie Night also lists the top 5 summer blockbusters and it is hard to disagree with that list. It also lists some of the summer bomb-busted movies like the dreadful Battlefield Earth and the great classic The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

You are probably not going to learn much but this is an entertaining MTV Movie Night

Also on MTV in July are the Season 3 of Teen Mom Tuesdays at 10, Sharlene vs. Europe starting Tuesday July 12th at 6:30, The X LIfe, a series about xtreme athletes which begins Monday July 18th at 10. A special Jersey Shore airs July 28th at 10 P.M.

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