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Mainstream - Rome Blu-ray - The Complete Second Season

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Amazon page

Rome The Complete Second Season Blu-ray
Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, Polly Walker
5 discs 10 episodes
HBO 2007
Warner Home Video 2011

Rome The Complete Second Season picks up the story after the assassination of Julius Caesar.  Historically, the show focuses on the rise of Octavian and Marc Anthony, their wars, and their final showdown in Egypt. Story wise, the 10 episodes in this 5 Blu-ray set follow the continuing adventures of soldiers and citizens Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. If you like historical dramas and a good story with sometimes graphic violence and nudity you cannot but enjoy Rome 2 Blu-ray.

Season 2 of Rome begins with the aftermath of Caesar’s assassination. Brutus and his pals including Cicero miscalculated somewhat and find they cannot take power as they wished. Instead, they must share it with Octavian, the man Julius Caesar has named as his son and so rightful heir. Machinations send Brutus off to the country while Octavian and marc Anthony battle for the control of Rome and the empire.

At the same time the death of Lucius Vorenus’ wife has sent him in a tailspin and his children are missing. Even his best pal Pullo cannot get his out his funk. Atia of the Julii, Octavian’s mother and Marc Anthony’s mistress is up to her old tricks, especially against her nemesis Calpurnia.

Eventually Lucius Vorenus becomes boss of the Aventine and must fight hard to keep the piece and his turf. When called on by Marc Anthony to follow him in Egypt, Vorenus leaves Pullo in charge though Pullo is asked by Octavian to stay by his side if he needs him to play go between.

There is a lot more going on in the second season of Rome and this season is much more enjoyable now that the characters and storylines have been established.

Special features on Rome The Complete Second Season Blu-ray include the pop-up information of All Roads Lead to Rome, A Tale of Two Romes, Antony & Cleopatra, The Rise of Octavian, and a Making Of.

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