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Mainstream - Das Boot Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Das Boot Blu-ray
Jurgen Prochnow, Herbert Gronemeyer
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
Originally released 1981
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Das Boot is one of the more original and interesting WW II movies made. Originally a 209 minute German TV series, it was then edited into a 149 minute film. Das Boot Blu-ray features the series version on one disc with extra features and the film version on another disc with other special features. Though both versions look really good on Blu-ray, the 209 minute version is a tad wee bit brighter for some reason.

Das Boot follows the crew of a German U-Boat as it sails off from French docks. The men are first bored out of their minds as they impatiently wait for their orders. They finally get into some action with some troubling consequences.

Later on, the crew is ordered to Spain and must cross the British ship infested straights of Gibraltar. This is difficult and tests the men to their limits.

Though darkly comic at times such as the scenes when the freshly boarded crew has stowed provisions everywhere including one of the two toilets, Das Boot is a claustrophobic movie that really uses the setting to its fullest.

Das Boot Blu-ray features the original German version and a dubbed English version. There are two English subtitle versions one with the black bar and one with just white letters but neither matches the on screen dialogue.

Special features for Das Boot Blu-ray The Boat are Commentary with Director Wolfgang Petersen; Wolfgang Petersen - Back To The Boat; Maria's Take; The Perfect Boat-The Director's Cut; Captain’s Tour – Inside the boat; Behind The Scenes (1981); The Battle of The Atlantic (1983)

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