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Action - Sharlene vs Europe - Tuesdays 6:30

Sharlene vs Europe - Tuesdays 6:30

Sharlene vs. Europe
Tuesdays 6:30

Sharlene Vs. Europe is a fun travel show of sorts squarely aimed at the MTV audience. Host Sharlene Chiu travels to various, usually off the beaten path, hip places and basically goofs around with local bands and celebs.

In the July 12th episode for example Sharlene goes to Siglufjordur, Iceland, London, and Lyon, France to music festivals. She does the local stuff like wine tasting and bathing in hot springs.

This is a messier, much more spur of the moment travel show with lots of often drunk people in their twenties acting stupid.

You don’t learn a lot watching Sharlene Vs. Europe but you do get entertained.

Also on MTV in July are MTV News Summer Festivals Wednesdays at 6:30 to cover, you guessed it, summer fests. The X Life, a look at extreme athletes premieres Monday July 18th at 10 P.M.

Season 3 of Teen Mom airs Tuesdays at 10 P.M.

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