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Mainstream - Pretty Little Liars - The Complete First Season

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Pretty Little Liars Season One
Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario
Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs
22 Episodes 5 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Five friends went on a sleepover in an old barn. The next morning Allison was gone and neither Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Ella know what happened. A year later Allison’s body is found but the girls start getting mysterious and very knowledgeable messages from someone named A. As the season progresses, even more mysteries are created and some secrets are revealed as the girls try to figure out who the mysterious A is and the cops investigate. Pretty Little Liars The Complete First Season features 22 episodes on 5 DVD.

Pretty Little Liars is kind of a Desperate Housewives for a tween and teen girl audience. It is a decent enough show but some episodes are a waste as only one somewhat important thing happens. There is also the whole question of what is really plausible. For example, it takes the show five episodes to clue into the fact a cop cannot question a minor without an adult being there.

There are lots of secondary stories involving each girl and her love interest. After a while it feels like these secondary stories are just filler. This makes the series less than addictive.

Special features for Pretty Little Liars The Complete First Season are deleted scenes and a behind the scenes.

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