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Mainstream - Arthur - Russell Brand - Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Amazon page

Arthur Blu-ray DVD Combo
Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, Greta Gerwig
Directed by Jason Winer
Warner Home Video 2011
110 minutes

Few if any remakes manage to capture the magic of the original. This is the case for Arthur. This new version, available as a Blu-ray DVD and digital copy Combo is entertaining but does not have the manic energy of the 1981 version with Dudley Moore and Liza Minelli.

The 2011 Arthur starring Russell Brand sticks to the original story with a few technological updates and such. Greta Gerwig is the love interest but though she is a good actress Naomi, her character, is more interesting on paper than in person. Russell Brand is smart enough not to try to outdo Dudley Moore but doing that he fails to bring the kind of manic energy the part needs and never seems to be especially drunk.

Helen Mirren is Hobson and basically does exactly what John Gielgud did in the original. Jennifer Garner is pretty much wasted as the woman Arthur is being forced to marry.

The 2011 Arthur is entertaining but unlike the original is just another decent enough comedy.

Special features for Arthur Blu-ray  DVD combo starring Russell Brand are a behind the scenes featurette, additional scenes, and a very short and not especially funny gag reel

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