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Mainstream - Rio - Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Amazon page

Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo
Blue Macaw, Jewel Macaw, Linda Human
directed by Carlos Saldanha
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Rio is a fun animated film made by the studio that made Ice Age. Kids will enjoy and parents not mind. Rio is not especially memorable and for a movie set in Rio de Janeiro and during Carnival really not as colorful story wise or character wise as you would expect. It also could have done much better musically. This family Blu-ray is a variation on the boy animal meets girl animal and must conquer fears to get the girl. DVD at Amazon

This is the story of Blu, a macaw kidnapped from his native forest whose cage falls off a truck in Minnesota. He is found by a young girl named Linda who later opens her own bookstore. Blu is more a pet than a bird so he can’t fly.

A Brazilian ornithologist just happens to walk by Linda’s Minnesota bookstore and sees Blu. Turns out Blu is the last male of his species and if it is to continue Blue and a female blue macaw named Jewel have to get with it. Linda and Blu go to Rio.

There Blu meets a bunch of other animals who try to be interesting animated film characters but do not quite succeed. Blue and Jewel are kidnapped and Linda, the ornithologist, and various wannabe second banana animals try to rescue them.

This creates a few chase scenes around Rio during Carnival but the film really does not transmit the energy of the time or place. It also sets up a few clumsy attempts to create shots that will a 3D version possible.

Overall, Rio Blu-ray DVD is pleasant enough. The best special feature is a Scrat cartoon.

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