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Mainstream - Mom Reviewed - Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo

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Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo
Blue Macaw, Jewel Macaw, Linda Human
directed by Carlos Saldanha
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Rio Blu-ray DVD Combo is the story of the last male blue Macaw on the planet, Blu (the voice of Jesse Eisenberg).  He is Linda’s (Leslie Mann) bird, and they are visited by Tulio, an ornithologist, who has the last female blue macaw - Jewel (the voice of Anne Hathaway).  He wants them to visit Brazil so Blu can mate with her and save the species.  When they arrive, Blu (who cannot fly) and Jewel are stolen and must escape.

This is a great family movie.  It brings some conservation problems to light (think of all the pet stores selling exotic birds, how this happens, and what this could possibly mean to the wild bird population) without being preachy at all.   his was not the main goal of this movie, however.  The main goal of this movie was to make us laugh, and that it did.   The secondary characters helped in this a lot.  Jamie Foxx and Will.i.Am played Nico and Pedro a couple of little birds with big hearts that had my kids rolling on the floor.  Both Anne Hathaway and Jessie Eisenberg’s performances were also well done, with their voices matching well with the characters they portrayed.

Other good things about this movie –the colours and detail in this film are wonderful.  Obviously when you are drawing tropical birds that is a must, and it was done amazingly well in this movie.  The music is also a high point in this film.  There are many different types of music, from Samba, to hip hop, a little rap, and even some classic Lionel Richie.  My kids were bouncing in their seats.

All of my kids loved Rio Blu-ray DVD combo, from the youngest at 6 years old to the oldest at 12.  The adults in the house really liked the movie as well, the beauty of Rio, and the lavishness of Carnival were things that come to mind for the older set.

This is a really good family movie, and I highly recommend it.

Carolyn Genge

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