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Science Fiction - Soldier Blu-ray

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Amazon page

Soldier Blu-ray
Kurt Russell, Connie Nielsen, Sean Pertwee
Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson
Originally released 1998
Warner Home Entertainment 2011

Soldier is a 99-minute SF action movie that tells a very good story and does not waste the viewer’s time with useless and showy special effects. Not that this action Blu-ray skints on explosions and similar adrenaline pumpers. Soldier tells a very good futurist story in a great setting for blow em’ up action. Everything works in this movie.

Kurt Russell is Sergeant, a soldier especially trained from birth in a ruthless army. He does what he is told. One day he and his comrades become outdated when Colonel Meekum creates a new kind of supersoldier.

Stuff happens and Sergeant is left for dead on a planet used for disposal. There, he finds a group of shipwrecked civilians who have made a life for themselves on the inhospitable planet. They welcome him but he is too set in his ways to be a civilian.

When Meekum happens to pick the planet for a training exercise for his new troops, Sergeant must fight for what they believe in.

This action SF Blu-ray tells an intelligent and complete story without wasting a moment or a single line of its already minimalist dialogue. It is quick paced and features lots of action and fighting,.

Soldier shows that unlike recent releases an action flick does not have to clock in at over two hours to get your blood flowing.

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